Date : Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Time : 12:24 PM
Title : What the future lies ahead

As the tittle suggests, after this Sunday, I will be embarking on a whole new life as I will be no longer living for myself, but also for him. 2 years ago, he came into my life, 2 years later we went into our life together. Though it was amazing how I was taught in life that do not anyhow talk to stranger, do not anyhow this and that to a stranger. But before knowing dear, he was also a total stranger to me. Ironically, we feel for each other, care for each other and do things together. Perhaps this is life. Everyone can be a stranger, but it is the chemistry, attitude and timing in life that determines the future.

This blog survived the best times of the important phases of my life. But one just has to move forward and fight for the best for ourselves, some may do it for their loved ones and I am no exception.

Counting down to our big day, the last 3 days!

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Date : Thursday, September 30, 2010
Time : 10:15 PM
Title : countdown

10 more days!

Yes, ten-10-ten...

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Date : Friday, September 17, 2010
Time : 6:54 AM
Title : I'm on leave today

I'm on leave today, but I still am going back to office as usual as there is the commercial meeting with client. I didn't want to give them any chance to comment on us lor. They are so irritating lah! Haha~

Recently I found lots of good deals on gmarket. Good, practical & affordable. Thumbs up to them. :) I actually started online shopping with gmarket a few years back, and I realised the current layout is more efficient & seems more professional too. Haha, maybe it is just a personal-kind of thing la!

Bought some skin care products frm bio-essence last night. Especially love the whitening serum! It is actually used to lighten any dark spots & best of all, FRECKLES!! Haha~ Initially I wanted to buy the freckles fading night cream, but the sales lady told me that product has long been discontinued, thus my decision on the whitening serum. :)

Is it me or the whitening serum really works? I thought my freckles have lightened. LOL!

Date : Sunday, August 22, 2010
Time : 11:50 PM
Title : thursday 26 August 2010

It is a very important date in my life and partly his too! :p Counting down ohh~ 4days. Stay tune!


And so it is, we got our first flat, our desired block/unit/level~ Woohoo....! And I got convo-ed the same evening as well! Haha... How much more exciting can my life be? :D Im very very happy and glad that alls well~ Hehe... And thanks to Grace + Teng who came for my convocation even though it was so late! And thanks again for the wonderful flowers~ :)

Now, we will be counting down to our big day~ :D

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Date : Sunday, August 15, 2010
Time : 12:58 AM
Title : minutes past midnight

Had dinner with dear at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining on Friday the 13th. It was a nice experience as this has been my 3rd attempt to eat but having to find our way around. haha~

I bought him a Tokina 11-16mm as his birthday present! But how did I managed to bring it along without him noticing? I replaced it with my camera in the camera bag and it was the GREATEST idea! Good job Regina. I am impressed.. Hahaha, but why ne? Because dear only realised it when we were chilling out by the river. Hahah... He actually wanted to reach for my camera to take the night views, and that was how he found out. :)

For a moment, I was thinking what if he never found out about my plan? Oh no... And I was even prepared to sms my friend if she has any good idea to help!

Cabbed home and I felt SLEEPY. Couldnt even finished off our phone conversation and I missed to message dear on the dot! I only realised it when I had a surprised awaken point during the night....

The next day...
1. Someone shouted: Postman! Prudential documents for my mum arrived.
2. Door bell rang: Pls sign off. I was wondering how come my desktop has shrunk in size.
3. Mum shouted: Dell has arrived...
4. Doraemon started to sing: Dear reached my place with my breakfast! :D *Loved*

Happy birthday dear!

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